Angus Burger with double cheese – Stika’s novelty this year!

A Contact he returns as a good old acquaintance in the columns of my blog, for I have not praised it once, not twice their burgers, which, although not based on their offerings, still appear in it. Although we are already in the middle of the year, they have recently completed a renewal session with them, and of course this is another hambi variation.


As always, the two owners Misi and Henrik sat down on the terrace (from where, say, half an hour later it was disturbed by hail, but this is completely common in mid-May – in England). Logically, it’s not related to this, but I would like to tell you that the back of the Stika has been renewed to such an extent that this year it is also a guest space, and although the first part was not bad either, it became even more elegant and the design also was even leveled above. Plenty of plants, a bit of an industrial character has been preserved – well worth checking out.

So, returning to the terrace, there were some very frankly refreshments on offer that were worth a try, but the time had come to turn to the burger, which was named Double Cheese Angus burger in baptism, and that’s a perfect description of what also found in the end of the article.


Well, who am I kidding with, let’s take a look deeper into things. Everyone knows the Angus beef breed, well here it is used to make the twenty-decade, heavenly tasty meatcake. Double means cheddar cheese, one is more melted, the other more characteristic, and the sum of the two captures the essence of the burger very nicely, and of course our taste buds as well.


Of course, we don’t stop there, chipotle mayonnaise, remulade, grilled bacon and delicacy cucumbers. But what? Oh yes, as you can see in the picture, this is definitely not a classic burger bun, but a homemade piece of dried tomato. Well, this is again a hit that isn’t found anywhere else in the city: pleasantly chunky, tomatoes are a bit oily by nature, but not too heavy, a stable base for a burger – not necessarily clear at first, but if you have it, it’s a success from there!


Garnish with sweet potatoes and prickly pear, and sauce on offer: bravas sauce, mustard, dirty, and chipotle mayonnaise.

Finally, for dessert, a hussar-cut cocoa snail closed my food, which is definitely worth a try, a member of the softer-edged school, but it also beats many famous challengers.


The burger 3890, but considering the above, I think it’s well worth the price as it offers a unique experience, accordingly. Stika put it together again – but we’re no longer surprised.

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