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I have written before Vegan Lovewho, after the Magic Burger, switched to completely plant-free, food-free street food of animal origin, and they make it one of the best in the country at the street food level. Now a meat substitute called Beyond Meat, already well known overseas, has been brought to us as part of a three-course dinner.


The event itself took place in the Magic Burger, and it’s worth stopping here for a while to see where life can go. Anno Lilla and Peti opened the buffet car in 2010, which played a significant role in the flourishing of the burger culture in Hungary, and now, 9 years later, they have also done a very important thing – they brought this opportunity to Central Europe for the first time.


Here I would like to take this opportunity to ask for a meaningful conversation in the comments, vegan vs. I would ask you not to start a carnivorous debate from either side (trigger points: this is what we are going to invent, weeping wheat field, because of you animals suffer, etc.), because this article is not about that, it is not about compensation.

A Beyond Meat by the way, a Los Angeles-based plant-based meat substitute company, and this patty is soy-free, gluten-free, GMO- and cholesterol-free, and has a saturated fat content less than classic burger meat; main component of green pea protein. Lots of people came to dinner anyway, it became a full house with 70+ people, so let’s see what the menu was!

A hamburger soup arrived in the first round. Many have already wondered here what might be at stake here. Well, it’s classically nothing more than a cream cheese-based soup – I’m not going to write from here, but obviously all I’m referring to here as cheese is vegan cheese, it’s usually made from seeds.


So the basis of the soup was this (I think a little vegetable cream), of course the meat substitute, some potatoes and English celery, a slice of toasted bun, and a little chili. As I noticed, this catch was perhaps the most divisive during dinner, as most people haven’t met the genre yet. It was very okay for taste and texture anyway, I wouldn’t necessarily have said it was a perfectly vegan dish.


Second came the long-awaited burger, which featured Pepper Jack cheese, some fried onions, bird salad, tomatoes, and of course homemade hambsa sauce at the Beyond Meatre. The bun was thinner in nature, sprinkled with sesame, soft texture, I liked it.


And Beyond Meat is where I start. I have already tasted meat that looks ahead of all kinds of legumes and cellar cakes when vegan Big Kahuna I tasted it at one of the Sunday Markets, and it was already convincing, but before that, I finally picked up my 8-year-old Burger Blogging hardened hat. On the one hand, you don’t say from its texture that it’s not fleshy, compressible, lumpy, juicy. On the other hand, there is a crust on the outside, the inside is crumbling, there is also a minimal flush of taste in it – and the roughest part is that since we associate these with beef, from here it is practically entirely believable that it is meat. I ate separately, I ate with the burger, and I’m sure that at some point, even in a blind test, it would go smoothly as meat, the stuff is genius.


(I only note in parentheses that this is a full vegan catch, but. Think about it a bit, what if we combined it with normal, non-animal ingredients – buns, sauces, etc. – which might seem like blasphemy on both sides at first, but give it a chance in theory. Tell me if you are.)


Garnished with home-made roasted potatoes with rosemary, cabbage salad, and a tartar-like sauce, all three were full, both portioned and flavored.



And for dessert came the cheesecake, quite bitang in size, with caramel and pecans. I have to say, if in my life I can only eat this kind of cheesecake after that, I won’t mind it either, because it was perfect, in fact, I risk it being better than what is given under that name in many places. Part of the cheese here is vegan cream cheese, too, and it had exactly the same texture as the normal one, not to mention the taste (which will obviously be the same in both cases from the added sugar and so on), so it’s also so thought-provoking that we really like the in cheesecake? Your name? The concept? Or the flavors and textures …?


Vegan Love reportedly continues to make similar gourmet vegan dinners, which I can only welcome, because anyone can think of anything about animal-free life and eating, it has to be seen to be the way the future and the world go, so it can be rejected. the thing just isn’t worth it.

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