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Readers of the blog may still remember the Vecsés Old Smokeyra around the airport, as we can taste brutal burgers and bbq meats there to this day. With a fresh pull, they have now taken over the outer district of Budapest, so if someone is afraid of leaving the administrative border of the capital, they also have an offer.


The bistro itself is located on the outside of Üllői, there is a parking space on the corner, and inside there is a pleasant, design little interior, not overcomplicated, pleasantly suburban in the good sense of the word.


Since I arrived wolf-hungry, I immediately jumped into a tray of food with appetizer provided by jalapeno poppers with two sauces: a spicy chipotle and a green spicy-garlic mayonnaise present to represent the subunit.


The burger builds on a pretty rough speck meat, black water buffalo, which is also the first item on the local menu that I varied a bit, as I asked for it in a smooth roll and with goat cheese instead of cheddar (this is an option for everyone anyway).


Let’s start with the buffalo in the room: the meat patty has a pleasant taste, its texture is a bit leaner and more compact, it is definitely an experience to try. A tooth bun is also an exciting commodity, home-made, with a cut design on top, and amazing crispness – many say a tooth bun should be soft, but this piece has certainly found its golden mean, genius.


Added caramelized onions, it works very well with goat cheese and also gives the burger a very pleasant depth, as well as adequate vegetables, i.e. lettuce, tomatoes, and a sweet and sour Vecsés sour cucumber that makes our gums happy, which is also a must for everyone. I would.


As a side dish, sweet potatoes arrived, homemade, also excellent for dipping in the above sauces.


In terms of price, burgers last from 1390 to 2890, but the latter was the buffalo I tasted. In addition, there are also quite a few barbecue dishes, as well as tortillas and desserts, so if you live in the area it is mandatory, and if not, it is recommended as a weekend program – you will not regret it!

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