Fold up America IV. – Hawaii / 2 – Guest post of Gábor Révész

After the Polynesian Cultural Center, we waved goodbye to Oahu for a while and flew over a small 9-person plane to Maui. Maui is a less bustling island than Oahu, but you can also eat good food here. Our first lunch at Teddy’s Bigger Burgerconsumed in.


The selection was embarrassing, but we stayed with the basics, tasting a cheeseburger with chicken and a bacon. Everything but the bucit was delicious, the teriyaki sauce requested separately arrived warm, which tossed the french fries.


The place also conquered the Hungarian press at the end of last year, according to the news in one of the restaurants, rats were grilled on platnin… Fortunately, our meat definitely had a beef and chicken flavor.

The next day we drove to Hana, which every guidebook mentions as one of Maui’s greatest experiences. The road is really fantastic, full of bridges and waterfalls, but less rich in restaurants. We finally quenched our hunger in a mediocre Thai place. Later we went to a local winery, a Maui Wine-ba. Among the wines, I would highlight pineapple wine, which was interesting, but we stay more in favor of wines made from traditional grapes.


The winery itself looked great, and thanks to the Napa Valley, luckily there were good wines here as well, as the grapes come from California, they just make the wine here.


In the evening we tasted a nice burger again in one of the local bars. The burger was accompanied by fresh avocado, which gave it a fresh patch of color.


Our next island was Big Island, where we ate a great burger after our arrival Ultimate Burgerben. I’ve read a lot of good things about the place, and really, maybe not even the Burger Pope could have tied up in this burger.


The garnish of homemade fries was a thicker ranch dressing, hot, crispy as it should be. All the ingredients for the sandwich were in place. We finally got a bucit that really grew to the meat and the other ingredients. Homemade sauce also fits the whole picture, and there was no problem with the $ 8.75 price. Big Island really isn’t about the rage until dawn (or at least we didn’t live there). In Kailua, which is considered a larger city locally, after 21 pm the vast majority of restaurants were already closed.


Since we got back to town late every night, we managed to get to know the selection of the Outback Steakhouse thoroughly, as we had dinner with them at 3 in the evening (I don’t usually do that, but it was the only place open and the food was okay). The Outback Steakhouse he apostrophizes himself as an Australian, although Wikipedia says the first unit was opened in Tampa, Florida. I don’t think the selection is very different from the offer of typical American steaks, but e.g. Australian wines are also available. He was a particularly good head waiter to help us the first night, whom we later met on evenings 2 and 3, took great care of us, and his kindness didn’t even seem to be the role he played.


After placing the order, we quickly got a hot baguette with butter, which was a great start. My girlfriend tasted a bacon potato cream soup the first day, which she really liked. I didn’t mince it and asked for a classic surf and turf thigh with 2 servings of garnish, one for a salad bowl and the other for a baked potato stuffed with sour cream, bacon and onions. And then the point is about. 20 dkg of sirloin steak and the inescapable crab skewer. My main item was $ 26 along with those garnishes, which was very friendly.


Of course, the burger couldn’t be left out of the Outback’s offer either. The buci here was very good, the meat also brought the requested baking level perfectly, maybe due to the lack of more creative sauces the experience was not completely cloudless, but overall this burger was okay too.


The last stop on our trip was again Oahu, where we visited the North Shore, which is famous for 2 things: one is surfing, the other is food trucks. You can really see different cars on the side of the road everywhere, but the most popular are the cars that sell crabs, the best known of which is the Giovanni’s shrimp truck. The truck itself didn’t seem reassuring, but the huge line allayed all my worries that arose. A routine ÁNTSZ, on the other hand, might have found some rebuke in the fact that the chickens living between the tables were scratching and consuming the falling crabs with great enthusiasm.


I tried lemon butter crab because the spicy crab had the clause on the menu that there is no refund if the guest thinks it is too spicy. I wasn’t brave enough to add … The crab was heavenly, it was accompanied by 2 more scoops of rice and I was sprinkled with a lot of buttered lemon sauce. $ 14 at a buffet isn’t a little, but this flavor cavalcade was absolutely worth it.


On our last night, one of our favorite American chains is Cheesecake Factorywe visited. We already know this chain well, in addition to the excellent cheesecakes, all of their food is really delicious.


Again, I ate a steak accompanied by bacon mashed potatoes and green beans. The question of frying, of course, was not left out, and the meat arrived at the requested medium frying grade. For dessert, we tasted a cheesecake, this time the Godiva chocolate version, which brought the usual quality.


There is no other way to end such a trip with a good burger, so we visited a Applebee’s to the restaurant. After last year’s West Coast tour, I chose them as the best, although several readers were surprised by this, but I still think that burger was great there, but on the current Hawaii test, the result wasn’t so outstanding.



Unfortunately the buci was cold and the toasting was not done. The meat and vegetables were good, the harmony of the sauces was not so outstanding now.


I wouldn’t venture out on a top list this year, but if I had to highlight a burger, it would definitely be the Ultimate Burger. On the steak route, the Outback was good value for money, but Morton’s took the lead in both meat quality and, of course, price. We also had many other great gastronomic experiences along the way, but due to lack of space, I wouldn’t write about the coffee and pineapple farm in detail now, I’ll only attach a 1-1 picture of them.


Hawaii is showing an absolutely new face to America in terms of culture, nature and gastro. If you have the opportunity, everyone should visit once and experience the feeling of life in Hawaii in person. Aloha!

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