“I can’t dare launch a second brand” – interview with Transylvanian “Tuning” Robi

Tuning will soon open another location called Love Meat Tuning, where there will be plenty of improvements compared to before, burgers and meats only available here, as well as the excellent hospitality we are used to. Further details (see Advertised on Facebook except for dinner dinners) is still obscure, but we sat down about everything else to talk to Tuning dreamer, Transylvanian Rob.


Where do you think the burger scene in Budapest is now?

“I honestly admit, I don’t fully follow the market, but it looks like it’s totally set up, we have the levels. If we look, the places are there: the high gastronomic experience for the right price, then the one-degree more popular, and finally the very popular , the places closest to the classic street food line dominate the market, with 2-4 places dominating there from all areas.

You’ll be five this year, what’s the next way for Tuning?

The most important thing is to maintain the level and quality. In Classic Tuning, we can’t expand much anymore, so we strive for efficiency and make the work of colleagues easier.


Where did you get inspired?

We have a menu change twice a year, but we also have ad hoc burgers if someone clicks on a good idea or ingredient. This is when, for example, three variations are made, we test this and you can go to the menu. I used to invent burgers, I was inspired by the internet, and a good friend of mine, Laci Tóth, helped me with the creation. I must mention here that the your book is also very gap-filling, because so far there has been no work in which everything has been in one volume (thanks – Jani). In any case, the active creation of burgers is now in the hands of professional colleagues, who shape the menu.

How is Tuning’s sister restaurant, Beef Heaven, standing now?

It turned out to be an amazingly good decision not to do another Tuning, because although the food, ingredients, work processes are much more complex, but now the whole thing has matured, and we can say that it has been a success story, as they are full of houses and group inquiries until the end of the year. already reservations. It couldn’t have come about without our fantastic team who understood that it’s not enough to just give good, you have to be credible. The success of Beef Heaven is also based on this: we are generous and we strive to make everything about the guest. It is not enough to cook well, you also have to be a good host. In addition, it’s important to continually improve the guest space and turn the revenue back into making everything as perfect as possible.


It is clear that you have targeted the higher price category, do you see any change in demand compared to the past?

Plenty of incompetent caterers make the mistake of not having a business plan and / or no reserves for say half a year in advance. If we say something like 20 million to start, I think we have to put the same amount behind, as it can be half a year as long as the place goes up, but even then you have to pay, pay overhead, and so on. Based on this, we need to put together a business plan and it will give out how much we can ask for for a meal and not look at how much it is given next door. There was a forty thousand forint burger dinner in Tuning, it was so popular that it had to be repeated, so everything has a market. Interestingly, we are much less criticized, and elsewhere the 1,500 forint burger is said to be expensive. We will not even change our business policy, as this will enable me to provide a strong social network and livelihood for my staff, who are the most important elements of the restaurant.

You are in an outstanding position in the rating system of the various sites – how do you handle this?

From the very beginning, I have taught my staff that respect for guests is paramount. I myself have been working in hospitality since I was 14 years old, I have also seen the great old people, and I want to pass on the psychology of this to my colleagues as well. Since I’m the face of the restaurant, when negative criticism comes in (which I get about every week), it usually comes to me. Luckily, there is an intent to help in any criticism, as they only want to make the place better. It is important that the colleagues feel the mentality mentioned above, which is why it is important to have teamwork and to have a sufficient number of staff, as we do not want to rush on the field, but to provide information, to offer a tasting – in short, to be a guest.


Who are your most important strategic supplier partners?

Once I’ve managed to build the trust with someone that’s essential at a partner level, I do my best to understand why I need certain things and why I can’t compromise on them. So it was with Gál Józsi and Butcher Steakhe, for example, listened to our advice on meat processing with open ears, and to this day the meat comes from him. Szabifi Szabadfi brings our ingenious rolls, the work ethic that characterizes them is amazing to me. Plenty of other ingredients come from Culinaris, mostly in the field of foreign cheeses, as unfortunately the stability of the domestic market is, to put it mildly, on weak legs (but the same can be said for artisanal beers for example) and unpredictability is the biggest enemy of quality hospitality. The pickles come from Vecsés, and the eggs come from Transylvania.

While not entirely part of this, it’s important that we also try to be good with our “competitors” and help them back and forth, be it a About navel, one BpBarbqopen next door Belli di Mammáabout, or Meatologyabout – unknown or unknown, but since everyone has their own slice of the market and cooperation has a much greater power than hostility, and after all, we can also promote the development of tourism.


Finally (if the above weren’t enough) what advice would you give to someone who would open a burger now?

I myself do not know if I would dare to launch a second brand, as the market is saturated and this big burger has subsided (I’ll even have a word or two for this: D – Jani)that I can see now the meat and bbq trend is spinning. If someone decides to open, they will need a very thoughtful business plan, with serious backup, positioning, proper location, copy-free. Invest in research so that since you could put something unique on the table and need some professional knowledge and experience behind it, because money alone, be it little or a lot, will no longer be enough. It may be weird now, but at the moment, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to open a burger because it can still be vegetated, but the big opening fever has already subsided. “


By the end of the interview, Robi’s time was running out, so thanks to his wise words, I also switched to Tuning’s latest work of art, called the Luxor Burger. It was brilliant in the usual way, I will say and show why. It contained Argentine-matured sirloin, melted Irish cheddar, a pear stew, grilled black forest ham, and a large portion of duck liver parfait. What if it’s not decadence?


For sure, I can definitely recommend this burger or any other dish, so I think we’ll see you at the new restaurant too!


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